william downs
Empty Naked Girlthe everyday world of bodiesBushSea SickLonely ladderwading comai am new herebursting in airmagic mendriving down souththe smell of changegold teethnight swimming i am new hereunder the waterLooking for you late at nightno namesisterslost but content at seawe the wildlearning tasks under the bedin to my mind1974dream webs moon lightingin flamewarming intestinaldreams become youSandynude studythe body needs time to collect and recollect its self.flyaway flyawaymaking drawings like writing letters
(part one)the body needsdoor and window projectmaking drawings like writing lettersmaking drawings like writing letters
Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Drawing Experiment
Chastain Arts Center, Atlanta, GA
July 17- September 12, 2015

Sprawl! Drawing Outside the Lines
The High Museum, Atlanta, GA
July 18- October 4, 2015

Summer Salon
Sandler Hudson Gallery, Atlanta, GA
July 17- September 5, 2015

Monster Drawing Rally
The High Museum, Atlanta, GA
September 12, 2015

Represented by Sandler Hudson Gallery